PHASE 3: Observatory & Research

The project’s focus in the third phase is on the establishment of the ESN-SA Observatory on Elections-Related Violence and dedicated information-and communication mechanisms, the drafting and publication of the Handbook on Elections-Related Violence in the SADC Region as well as the network enhancement through the Conference on ERV and related Joint Action Plan. During this period, the Project will also engage with setting the stage post-Project activities that will ensure the sustainability of the efforts undertaken, including for example the revision of the capacity assessment documents and design of continued training plan, appropriate archiving systems of training materials by the Observatory etc.


The phase addresses the second specific objective of the project: to support the establishment of an Observatory of electoral violence and carry research and sensitization in order to prevent and mitigate electoral violence and advocate for legislative enforcement for electoral dispute resolution.


The following nine activities are being delivered within Phase 1:


  • Establishment of strategy, organisational structures and necessary functions
  • Advisory support to network development and partnerships
  • Development of website for the ESN-SA and the Observatory
  • Development of the Observatory knowledge sharing platform
  • Data collection and case study development
  • Development, publication and distribution of Handbook, papers and case studies
  • Preparation of the Democracy Toolkit and advisory support to ESN-SA for strategic implementation of the Political Safari
  • Organisation of regional conference and agreeing on a Joint Action Plan
  • Data collection and case study development