Fabio Bargiacchi, ECES Executive Director and PEV-SADC Project Director, Eliane Torres, PEV-SADC Senior Capacity Building Advisor conducted  a Planning and Assessment Mission (NAM) in Angola between 21 - 26 July 2014. The mission, which is the last to be completed among the 14 beneficiary countries in the SADC region, had the main objective to assess the state of play of Angola's electoral climate and the work that civil society organisations are engaged in vis-a-vis other key players.
This mission is meant to give a comprehensive overview on how to gear training activities and research towards the benefit our Angolan partner, the Angola Institute for Electoral System and Democracy (IASED). IASED is one of the electoral observation organizations in Angola that is part of the regional Electoral Support Network - Southern Africa (ESN-SA). Luis Jimbo, Executive Director of the IASED, are completing the assessment team with his profound contextual knowledge of Angola and the SADC region.

Thanks to the facilitation of the Commissão Nacional Eleitoral of Angola, the mission members were busy engaging in fruitful meetings and working together with long-standing partner, Luís Jimbo whose support and expertise towards this mission is crucial. It is the Projects ambition to hold forthcoming activities in Angola geared towards the needs that are identified during this mission. 


Research Activity in Angola:

Please, click here to access the abstract of the research paper