Phase 2: Capacity Development


Building on Phase 1, this phase entails the preparation and organisation of BRIDGE and "Leadership and Conflict Management for Electoral Administration" LEAD (both TTF and module) workshops, as well as an eLearning course on CSO Engagement in Electoral Processes and Conflict Management. The workshop implementation strategy has been carefully designed to ensure maximum outputs in terms of areas covered (based on the capacity assessment), participants (targeting ESN-SA member organisations and networks) and sustainability concerns. The workshops will directly benefit individuals and organisations by enhancing the knowledge levels in crucial areas relevant to the work that the organisations are carrying out on the ground. Moreover, through ensuring that accredited national BRIDGE and LEAD trainers are available for replicating and organising new training events – not only for their colleagues and peers, but also for other stakeholders such as EMBs, political parties and electoral candidates, media institutions and so on and so forth – the project has broader ramifications. Simultaneously, the data collection and research that will take place under Phase 3 will on a continuous basis feed into the training materials adaptation and workshop implementation. At the end of this period, the draft case studies will be available, discussed and finalised.


The phase addresses the first specific objective of the project: to strengthen the capacity of member CSOs to the network, and stakeholders, in elections-related violence and prevention.


The following four activities are being delivered within Phase 1:


  • Adaptation, delivery and evaluation of 14 BRIDGE TTF workshops
  • Preparation, delivery and evaluation of 28 BRIDGE workshop modules
  • Leadership and Conflict Management Skills adapted to CSOs
  • Design, development and implementation of an eLearning Course on CSO Engagement in Electoral Processes and Conflict Management