ECES is glad to announce that similar to the previous year, we will be present at the European Development Days (EDD17 EDD17 is organised in Brussels at Tour & Taxis on the 7th and 8th of June 2017. EDD17 is a high-level opportunity for the development community to share knowledge, lessons learnt and showcase achievements. The EDD Global Village, composed of 80 stands, will be a welcoming space allowing visitors and exhibitors to explore synergies in innovative initiatives that are addressing development challenges.


In line with the EDD17 theme of “Investing in Peace and Partnership”, and particularly in the framework of the topics of fragility and resilience related to partnership with CSO and local actors, ECES presence at EDD17 will focus on “THE POTENTIAL OF EU FUNDED ELECTORAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE PREVENTION OF ELECTION RELATED CONFLICT AND VIOLENCE.


ECES’ contribution will draw empirical examples from the lessons learned in the context of the project “Preventing Electoral Conflict in the SADC region” (PEV-SADC, ), implemented by ECES since February 2013 and funded at 75% by the EU and 25 % by ECES.


EDD17 will be the occasion to present our Handbook on Election related Conflict and Violence in the SADC, a direct output of the regional conflict prevention project PEV-SADC. The Handbook will underline and detail the role of electoral assistance projects to contribute to the prevention of electoral violence with funding from the EU and EU member states. The interest of the publication goes well beyond the SADC region as it highlights lesson learned and best practices that can hopefully be handy to different EU Delegations, EU member states and electoral stakeholders and beneficiaries to apply a similar lens to the context in which they contribute to democratic development